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I used to be a painter...

first, and a writer second. Then, shortly after my son was born, probably during a midnight feeding, it occurred to me that I had at least four unfinished manuscripts on my computer. My next thought was how horrible it would be if I died and left him with four stories, all well underway, but eternally unfinished.  I'm always thinking of terrible things.

In any case, I resolved then and there to get on the ball and finish something before his first birthday. 

He's three now. 

I'd better write faster.

In my defense, toddlers are not conducive to the creative process. Now that pre-school has arrived, I'm shooting for a book a year.

If you're reading this, I truly thank you for your interest.  When you work alone it feels a bit like you're writing a message in a bottle and chucking it in the least traveled stretch of ocean available. I hope you enjoy my book.