There’s a first time for all things, and those times are usually awkward. Awkward doesn’t always mean terrible. It’s not uncommon for firstness to elevate the moment. The strangeness of the new, and the exhilaration of discovery can blow right through the fumbling that comes with lack of experience. Maybe it was your first real kiss, the first time you held a baby, or the first time you out ran the police that flipped your switch. It doesn’t matter what the specifics were. If you have a pulse, you've had a few first, awkward, wonderful experiences.

This is my first blog post. My first kiss was so much better than this. This is more like the first time I flew in a plane. I was fifteen, alone, and headed for North Carolina with a brief stop in Pittsburgh.

That said, at least I gave you an excuse to reminisce about some great, personal first for a couple seconds. That had to be kind of nice.

Also, my first flight did lead to my first kiss, so that worked out pretty well too. Now that I think about it, it lead to all kinds of firsts, including the first time I nearly died. 

In future posts I’ll be writing about writing, probably. I think. New projects, maybe. Why the hell I even bother with this, almost certainly.  My life might fit in there somewhere too. Who knowns?

In any case, come by and keep reading. Say a few words if you like.

I hope your day treats you well.