Upcoming Shenanigans

A few fun things.

The current project is a superhero project, kind of. At the very least, it's started off that way. Keep in mind that "Piggyback to the End of the World" started off as a story about a father who has good reason to suspect his kid may grow up to be the next Stalin. It evolved. So, I promise nothing.

Still, I think I'm far enough along to say the superhero aspect isn't going to go away. In that spirit, I'm thinking of doing a few 4 page comics set in the same universe, expanding on some of the characters. 

It's an ambitious plan, given that I have limited time to do that kind of thing. It just sounds too fun not to try. Plus, I get to draw!

My intention is to make the comics free downloads on my site. I might even make a version of the book that includes them in print. 

In other news, I'm thinking about doing an audiobook of "Piggyback to the End of the World". What do ya think? It seems like fun.